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A selection of material - before and after initial styling. We will be adding more examples here soon.

Chamaecyparis Obtusa 'Sekka'.JPG
Swamp Cypress compare.JPG
Large Larch.JPG
Larch Compare.JPG
Juniper Compare.JPG
Larch Windswept.JPG
Larch 5 years.JPG
Yew Transformation.JPG

A wild and messy Yew brought into a workshop. After looking for the bonsai within and sketching out the planed direction, under guidance, the student made great progress that we can now develop in his future workshops.

Ch. Juniper Transformation.JPG
Small Swamp Cypress Compare.JPG
Larch Compare June21.JPG

More transformations posted here soon ... book a lesson or workshop here >

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