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You are not alone .... lots of help is available to look after your purchase.

Frightened of buying an expensive tree?


Not sure you have the experience? 

We have many ways to help!

In the old days, most people learnt how to look after Bonsai the hard way, by trial and error. With the price of quality material so expensive these days, there are now so many ways anyone new to the hobby can avoid the pitfalls seen with Bonsai during the 70s and 80s.

  • We always give good care advice with all trees sold.

  • If in doubt, just ask us - there is no shame and we all learn new things every single day.

  • Attend our species-specific workshops or have one-to-one tuition and styling guidance at regular intervals.

  • Subscribe to our live-link advice service, with regular video conference calls arranged to monitor and advise.

  • Bring your tress in for advice at any time (appointments always advised in advance).

  • Book a maintenance contract and we will visit your collection regularly to check over your trees.

Call Ian now on 07791 617776 to discuss your needs or simply ask at the nursery.

Ian with Trident 1990.JPG
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