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Build your own Bonsai Pot or Cookware (ideal for the non-bonsai partner to take part, too!) 


This introduction to pottery runs from 10.30 am to 3 pm, with a break for lunch on a day that suits the student/s. Book your date in advance via voucher redemption to enjoy this pottery class on any Wednesday through to Saturday between March and November.

(Optional: Split your lesson into 2 x 2-hour sessions on differing days depending on your build to allow for drying and decoration).  


The indoor workshop is warm, brightly lit with plenty of ventilation and space for Covid-safe learning.  


All materials, tools and equipment will be provided and you will have the choice of selecting a wheel-spun or pinch/push-moulded accent pot as a starting point, together with a slab-built pot, that can be made into a bonsai container or ovenware - ideal for anyone that might like different results from their pottery endeavours.


Tuition, guidance and help will be shown throughout to enable anyone the pleasure of creating their own work, which culminates in stamping their name or initials on the base.


This gives you two pots that will be dried and later fired to stoneware temperature, ready for you to collect or items can be posted for a slight additional cost. 


  • How wonderful to tell all your family and friends about your creative skills!  


  • A two-day course is also available that will allow any student to build an additional larger pot by coiling or slab methods. Again, this can be taken in two directions, to be either a bonsai container or oven cookware, glazed in a colour of your choice from our range.


  • The initial accent pot can be turned into a bonsai, cacti, or plant container – or a small solid bowl ideal for sweets or nibbles. You can also choose to make a mug, plate, bowl or vase - if you prefer. 


  • The second-day option allows for slight drying of the raw clay to enable further working and depending on ambient temperatures, might be scheduled a few days or even a week or so later than the first day. This can be advised and planned in advance if you are travelling some distance.


  • Any upgrade to your desired output can be discussed in the first workshop and any additional costs confirmed. You can attend subsequent workshops for a nominal fee per day with any clay and materials at cost. Firing will be quoted on the kiln space taken.   



Ian trained with the highly-respected master bonsai pot artist, David Jones, of Walsall Studio Ceramics and gained a Creative Craft Ceramics qualification from Walsall College of Technology in 2005. Recently in opening his own Bonsai School and Nursery, he has dedicated time to refresh and refine his own techniques in creating stoneware containers that carry his own individual style.


Select your choice of Individual, Adult+Child, Couple or Family Group (4) with the button options as you complete this online listing or call to discuss ahead of booking. 


BUYING AS A GIFT? - Vouchers are valid for 12 months from issue.

1-Day Pottery Workshop

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