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Ideal for the summer months

Designed to give owners of more mature trees confidence when carrying out a minor or major restyling.

Re-style with the help and guidance from Ian as required to achieve the best results and appearance for future development or to prepare for display.


2 hours is usually enough time to work on one major tree, two medium-sized or three smaller trees.


Bring your own tools and substrates or materials can be supplied as required (*Additional charges will apply). An initial call ahead of the day will help plan the format and your specific needs. 

The workshop is taken on the basis of a one-to-one session, for an adult and child or for a couple - all in Covid safe conditions.

Select your choice with the button as you complete this online listing or call to make your appointment. 


BUYING AS A GIFT? - Vouchers are valid for 24 months from issue.

2 Hour Make-over Styling Workshop

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